my private gentoo overlay
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Robert Förster 3ef1c19c85
[dev-db/mongodb] add newer
4 weeks ago
app-admin/mongo-tools [app-admin/mongo-tools] add newer 4 weeks ago
app-crypt/certbot-dns-rfc2136 [app-crypt/certbot-dns-rfc2136] bump and modernize, from tree 1 month ago
dev-db [dev-db/mongodb] add newer 4 weeks ago
dev-java [dev-java/slf4j-jdk14] bump, untested 1 year ago
dev-libs/Ice remove py3.8 2 months ago
dev-php/PEAR-PHP_Archive [dev-php/PEAR-PHP_Archive] add new package 4 months ago
dev-python/aiohttp-json-rpc [dev-python/aiohttp-json-rpc] use pypi eclass 2 months ago
metadata [metadata] update layout.conf from tree 3 years ago
net-analyzer/netdata [net-analyzer/netdata] fping plugin removed, sync with tree, add py3k11 2 months ago
net-dns [net-dns/bind-tools] bump 2 months ago
net-firewall/iptables [net-firewall/iptables] sync with tree 9 months ago
net-fs/nfs-ganesha [net-fs/nfs-ganesha] bump, still not really using this lol 1 year ago
net-im [net-im/swift] py3k11 2 months ago
net-irc/znc remove py3.8 2 months ago
net-libs/libmnl sync up, clean out metadatas 2 years ago
profiles fix profile junk maybe 2 years ago
sec-keys/openpgp-keys-sssd [sec-keys/openpgp-keys-sssd] add key for sys-auth/sssd-2.7.0 and higher 11 months ago
sys-auth/sssd [sys-auth/sssd] add py3k11 2 months ago
sys-kernel/dracut [sys-kernel/dracut] bump 3 months ago
.gitattributes fix line endings... again. 10 years ago