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Description: Py3k: Map PyInt_FromSize_t to PyLong_FromSize_t
The latest SWIG version introduced a usage of PyInt_FromSize_t, but
does not define a compatibility macro for Python 3k as for the other
PyInt_... functions. This patch adds that macro.
Author: Torsten Landschoff <>
--- swig2.0-2.0.7.orig/Lib/python/pyhead.swg
+++ swig2.0-2.0.7/Lib/python/pyhead.swg
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
#define PyInt_Check(x) PyLong_Check(x)
#define PyInt_AsLong(x) PyLong_AsLong(x)
#define PyInt_FromLong(x) PyLong_FromLong(x)
+#define PyInt_FromSize_t(x) PyLong_FromSize_t(x)
#define PyString_Check(name) PyBytes_Check(name)
#define PyString_FromString(x) PyUnicode_FromString(x)
#define PyString_Format(fmt, args) PyUnicode_Format(fmt, args)