my private gentoo overlay
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Robert Förster 51a1194a97 [www-misc/awstats] remove ancient 3 years ago
app-admin/ldapscripts Manifest updates, fix swiften and lmdb 6 years ago
app-crypt [app-crypt/certbot-nginx] whitespace 3 years ago
app-emulation/qemu-guest-agent [app-emulation/qemu-guest-agent] sync with tree 3 years ago
dev-db [dev-db/timescaledb] EAPI 7 4 years ago
dev-java [dev-java/javassist] resteasy doesn't need it anymore, which i initially added it for 4 years ago
dev-libs [dev-libs/Ice] forgot to push this, also yank py2k from live 4 years ago
metadata [metadata] update layout.conf from tree 4 years ago
net-analyzer [net-analyzer/fail2ban] sync with tree 4 years ago
net-firewall/iptables [net-firewall/iptables] sync with tree 4 years ago
net-im [net-im/spectrum2] sync with tree 3 years ago
net-irc/znc [net-irc/znc] remove py3k4 4 years ago
net-libs [net-libs/libmnl] sync with tree 4 years ago
profiles [sys-process/audit] remove, newer is in tree 4 years ago
sys-auth/sssd [sys-auth/sssd] forgot python_optimize 4 years ago
www-apps/gitea [www-apps/gitea] yank 1.11 as it needs more work, put 1.10.3 in instead 4 years ago
www-servers/procodile some more fixed warnings, also add py3k7 to fail2ban and ruby25 to procodile 4 years ago
.gitattributes fix line endings... again. 10 years ago