my private gentoo overlay
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Robert Förster cb103e0e3c [dev-db/timescaledb] bump 2 years ago
app-admin/ldapscripts Manifest updates, fix swiften and lmdb 6 years ago
app-crypt/certbot-dns-rfc2136 [app-crypt/certbot-dns-rfc2136] version bump 3 years ago
dev-db [dev-db/timescaledb] bump 2 years ago
dev-java [dev-java] clean up uneeded (javaassist) and in-tree (slf4-{api,log4j12,nop,simple}) 3 years ago
dev-libs/Ice [dev-libs/Ice] sort rdepend, libedit 3 years ago
dev-python [dev-python/aiosqlite] fix dependencies, restrict tests 3 years ago
metadata [metadata] update layout.conf from tree 4 years ago
net-firewall/iptables [net-firewall/iptables] sync with tree 4 years ago
net-fs/nfs-ganesha [net-fs/nfs-ganesha] bump, still wip 3 years ago
net-im [net-im/spectrum2] maybe fix build 3 years ago
net-irc/znc [net-irc/znc] sync with tree 3 years ago
net-libs/libmnl [net-libs/libnftnl] remove, in tree 3 years ago
net-nds/389-ds-base [net-nds/389-ds-base] fix build 3 years ago
profiles [net-fs/nfs-ganesha] bump, still wip 3 years ago
sys-auth/sssd [sys-auth/sssd] bump 3 years ago
sys-libs/pam_wrapper [sys-libs/pam_wrapper] add abi_x86_32 "fix" 3 years ago
www-apps/gitea [www-apps/gitea] add from newest PR 3 years ago
www-servers/procodile [www-servers/procodile] bump to ruby27 3 years ago
.gitattributes fix line endings... again. 11 years ago