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depend() {
# we can use dns and net, but we can also in most cases live without them
use dns net ntp-client ntpd
create_work_directory() {
if [ ! -d "${RUNTIMEDIR}" ]; then
einfo "Directory ${RUNTIMEDIR} not existing, creating now."
mkdir "${RUNTIMEDIR}"
if [ ! -d "${RUNTIMEDIR}" ]; then
eeror "Directory ${RUNTIMEDIR} could not be created!"
return 1
if [ ! -e "${RUNTIMEDIR}"/ca-bundle.crt ] ; then
ln -s /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt "${RUNTIMEDIR}"/ca-bundle.crt
cuda_check() {
if [ -f /opt/cuda/lib/ ]; then
# symlink wont harm :]
ln -snf /opt/cuda/lib/ "${RUNTIMEDIR}"/
check_baselayout() {
if [ "${RC_VERSION:-0}" = "0" ]; then
eerror "This script cannot be used for baselayout-1."
return 1
start() {
check_baselayout || return 1
create_work_directory || return 1
# always ensure proper ownership
chown -R "${USER}:${GROUP}" "${RUNTIMEDIR}"
if [ ! -f "${RUNTIMEDIR}/lockfile" ]; then
einfo "File \"${RUNTIMEDIR}/lockfile\" does not exist, assuming first run."
einfo "You need to setup an account on the BOINC project homepage beforehand!"
einfo "Go to and locate your project."
einfo "Then either run /etc/init.d/boinc attach or connect with a gui client"
einfo "and attach to a project with that."
ewarn "Note that for attaching to some project you need your network up and running."
ewarn "network is needed only for jobs fetching afterwards"
if [ "${ALLOW_REMOTE_RPC}" = "yes" ]; then
ARGS="${ARGS} --allow_remote_gui_rpc"
ebegin "Starting ${SVCNAME}"
su -m ${USER} -c "nice -n ${NICELEVEL} \"${BOINCBIN}\" ${ARGS} --daemon --dir \"${RUNTIMEDIR}\" --redirectio"
eend $?
attach() {
local password url key
einfo "If you cant find your account key just try to obtain it by using:"
einfo " boinccmd --passwd PASSWORD_FROM_GUI_RPC_AUTH --lookup_account URL EMAIL PASSWORD"
printf " Enter the Project URL: "
read url
printf " Enter your Account Key: "
read key
if ! service_started; then
"${RC_SERVICE}" start
password=$(cat "${RUNTIMEDIR}/gui_rpc_auth.cfg")
ebegin "${SVCNAME}: Attaching to project"
su -m ${USER} -c "boinccmd --passwd \"${password}\" --project_attach ${url} ${key}"
eend $?
unset password url key
sleep 10
tail "${RUNTIMEDIR}/stdoutdae.txt"
stop() {
local password
password=$(cat "${RUNTIMEDIR}/gui_rpc_auth.cfg")
ebegin "Stopping ${SVCNAME}"
su -m ${USER} -c "boinccmd --passwd \"${password}\" --quit"
eend $?
unset password