Froxlor Gentoo ebuild repository
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<maintainer type="person">
6 years ago
<description>Upstream Maintainer</description>
<longdescription>A PHP-based webhosting-oriented control panel for servers.</longdescription>
<flag name='awstats'>use AWStats instead of Webalizer</flag>
<flag name='bind'>Adds support for writing BIND configuration files</flag>
<flag name='domainkey'>Adds support for writing DKIM DNS-Records and
Filters for them</flag>
<flag name='dovecot'>use Dovecot instead of Courier</flag>
<flag name='fcgid'>Adds support for FCGId</flag>
<flag name='ftpquota'>Adds support for FTP Quotas for use with ProFTPd</flag>
<flag name='fpm'>Adds support for PHP-FPM</flag>
<flag name='lighttpd'>use ligHTTPd instead of Apache</flag>
<flag name='log'>Adds support for logging actions in the Panel</flag>
<flag name='mailquota'>Adds support for Quotas for the maildirs of
<flag name='nginx'>use nginx instead of Apache</flag>
<flag name='pdns'>use Power-DNS instead of Bind</flag>
6 years ago
<flag name='pureftpd'>use pure-FTPd instead of ProFTPd</flag>
<flag name='quota'>Adds support for Filesystem-Quotas</flag>
<flag name='vsftpd'>use vsFTPd instead of ProFTPd</flag>
6 years ago
<remote-id type="cpe">cpe:/a:froxlor:froxlor</remote-id>
6 years ago
<remote-id type="github">Froxlor/Froxlor</remote-id>