- tweak metadata for prefix

- fix bug #993
- fix bind deactivation for new nameserver disable feature

(Portage version: x86, unsigned Manifest commit)
Robert Förster (Dessa) 12 years ago
parent 7ba6396eda
commit cd7f95e7ab

@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
# we inerhit eclasses from gentoo (and only from gentoo currently)
masters = gentoo
# we inerhit eclasses from gentoo, if thats not possible, like on prefix with no g-x86 checked out, use prefix instead.
masters = gentoo gentoo_prefix
# This goes live after stabilization of portage-
#manifest-hashes = SHA256 SHA512 WHIRLPOOL

@ -5,6 +5,6 @@ AUX php-fcgi-starter 226 RMD160 feeb05480f03b357030a73c1192ecfc08598b2b5 SHA1 8d
AUX php.ini 1765 RMD160 678be9f350668bca899c6dac5fce5c9fe074b28b SHA1 564634c696e38b2b51352e85f9954b66844c46f9 SHA256 b8efce5d40dec9ae0361f7cf0314169c32b68f7cc130f5e1a11093b7d54affa5
DIST froxlor-0.9.25.tar.gz 1632798 RMD160 d3044e280ca4673fd3d557a3c58f1693bc3d1fb5 SHA1 3e981f6f823c7384baae092a612dae1163787e78 SHA256 8febc4f277734d0e44bd42fc0d4613e654f80ce2ba8004806f9767400bd919b6
EBUILD froxlor-0.9.25.ebuild 56584 RMD160 a3c61cc100e053562924c97d09ca5586134297fd SHA1 30f6205f891728f240f08f52f51c4f55df794a70 SHA256 2ec679cc8d94912129d2aae480322a6e3b07a3a5eeb84ea2baa0571071eb0067
EBUILD froxlor-9999.ebuild 56586 RMD160 cbad0bd46c14e304e1ac0edcfc51d945b194c3ff SHA1 50251ed5281e20262de1462d1d3b86ca306ab73c SHA256 5344102ca8822e4283a7a5aff6dde5fd3968feea652ab5372a2b556218718034
EBUILD froxlor-9999.ebuild 56689 RMD160 d64ab2c112912f806074d408c726157c55ff8b64 SHA1 c24149b2047c6e6a2947b66d2efa27c75d48b13f SHA256 503c73daefb7f34ab5374feec9caf0103e97367c0529f85c8d2bc6edd0663812
MISC ChangeLog 8644 RMD160 8500ffb578f21a44760c5e0c186b053158a3a261 SHA1 529fa8845b6b9081e56158c6bfaf8ecb541249bd SHA256 2259314570f2414c15757a478d7cdf3e62850cfe1b4546db029cc86c07aefb8d
MISC metadata.xml 1402 RMD160 0d90a92a8e3f27b3c7f0eb51380b668f460f4d76 SHA1 2e23b043835c5fc40e131ccbb59f9309379593a4 SHA256 56ff2ad314874127dc404ec42450ad4e3fcfddbc0ca16ce98cb71ad10157661b

@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $
@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ DEPEND="
|| ( <dev-lang/php-5.3[pcre] >=dev-lang/php-5.3 )
pureftpd? (
@ -125,10 +125,6 @@ pkg_setup() {
src_prepare() {
# Delete any mention of inserttask('4') if no Bind is used
if ! use bind ; then
find "${S}/" -type f -exec sed -e "s|inserttask('4');||g" -i {} \;
src_install() {
@ -218,8 +214,6 @@ src_install() {
einfo "Creating tmp-directory"
dodir "/var/customers/tmp"
ewarn "You have to remove the '-D PHP5' entry from /etc/conf.d/apache2 if it exists!"
if use fpm ; then
@ -241,10 +235,11 @@ src_install() {
dodir "/var/customers/tmp"
# If Bind will not used, change the reload path for it
# If Bind will not used disable it and change the reload path for it
if ! use bind ; then
einfo "Switching 'bind' to 'Off'"
sed -e 's|/etc/init.d/named reload|/bin/true|g' -i "${S}/install/froxlor.sql" || die "Unable to change reload path for Bind"
sed -e 's|'bind_enable', '1'|'bind_enable', '0'|g' -i "${S}/install/froxlor.sql" || die "Unable to change reload path for Bind"
sed -e 's|/etc/init.d/named reload|/bin/true|g' -i "${S}/install/froxlor.sql" || die "Unable to change reload path for Bind"
# default value is logging_enabled='1'
@ -906,15 +901,20 @@ php_admin_value[sendmail_path] = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f admin@${servername}
if use fcgid ; then
# create php-starter file
chmod 0750 "${FCGIDPATH}"
chown froxlor:froxlor "${FCGIDPATH}"
mkdir -p "${FCGIDPATH}/php-fcgi-script"
chown froxlor:froxlor "${FCGIDPATH}/php-fcgi-script" || die "Unable to fix owner for php-fcgi-script folder"
mkdir -p "${FCGIDPATH}/tmp"
chmod 0750 "${FCGIDPATH}/tmp"
chown froxlor:froxlor "${FCGIDPATH}/tmp"
touch "${FCGIDPATH}/php-fcgi-starter"
cp "${ROOT}/usr/share/${PN}/php-fcgi-starter" "${FCGIDPATH}/php-fcgi-starter"
chmod 0750 "${FCGIDPATH}/php-fcgi-starter"
touch "${FCGIDPATH}/php.ini"
cp "${ROOT}/usr/share/${PN}/php.ini" "${FCGIDPATH}/php.ini"
chown froxlor:froxlor -R "${FCGIDPATH}/php-fcgi-script" || die "Unable to fix owner for php-fcgi-script folder"
chmod 0750 "${FCGIDPATH}/php.ini"
chown froxlor:froxlor "${FCGIDPATH}/php.ini"
chattr +i "${FCGIDPATH}/php-fcgi-starter"