my private gentoo overlay
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Robert Förster f09a910985 - use eapi 5 in profiles
- mask boinc-7.3
9 years ago
app-admin/ldapscripts [app-admin/ldapscripts] upstream changed domain name 10 years ago
dev-games [dev-games/StormLib] version bump 9 years ago
dev-libs fix headers 9 years ago
games-server/ghost++ fix headers 9 years ago
mail-filter [mail-filter] bump amavis and spamassassin to new versions 9 years ago
media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin [media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin] hide another file behind mysql useflag, add untested tsdns unit file for systemd, fix ebegin 9 years ago
metadata initial commit 11 years ago
net-im [net-im] add spectrum and swift, both still need some cleanup but they happen to work for now 9 years ago
profiles - use eapi 5 in profiles 9 years ago
sys-libs/openipmi [sys-libs/openipmi] bump to newer, changes to in-tree include: 9 years ago
.gitattributes fix line endings... again. 10 years ago