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Robert Förster (Dessa) 8ca948691d ban older EAPI as per main tree 2021-04-21 23:57:10 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) ee0c843185 [metadata] update layout.conf from tree 2019-11-19 17:03:06 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 72f0da4272 sync layout.conf with tree 2017-01-22 15:53:51 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 4f44686b13 version bump, sync layout.conf 2016-01-18 11:20:38 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 9244383fbb some QA and random junk
- raise profiles eapi to 5
- sync layout.conf
- remove useless variable
- add vsftpd useflag to metadata
- set slot operators
- add libressl support
2015-10-15 14:22:36 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 2d3a95cea3 version bump 2015-09-08 11:17:39 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) f69bafc334 bump and cleanup 2014-05-23 10:17:40 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 50dee29976 fix some line endings again 2013-05-22 16:30:44 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 8cf0061485 version bump
Package-Manager: portage-
2013-04-12 11:37:50 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) dbd38c7f84 version bump, require php 5.3 for live now, dkim-milter is likely to be replaced as well
(Portage version: x86, unsigned Manifest commit)
2012-05-08 02:46:13 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) ae10a9755a tweak layout.conf, we require non-ancient portage now. also fix #1061, note that we *will* require 5.3 after .27 for preserving your sanity
(Portage version: x86, unsigned Manifest commit)
2012-03-10 13:40:16 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) a0f0a76dac - remove gentoo_prefix from masters, since it is not ignored on non-prefix
- fix NonExistantDeps by removing php 5.2 support, you shouldn't been using that now anyway, also add quota useflag and its description.
- murder the ChangeLog, it has no use since we are solely on git and people can get the changes with "git log"

(Portage version: x86, unsigned Manifest commit)
2012-01-25 16:30:58 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) cd7f95e7ab - tweak metadata for prefix
- fix bug #993
- fix bind deactivation for new nameserver disable feature

(Portage version: x86, unsigned Manifest commit)
2012-01-02 01:16:57 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 7ba6396eda shut up a pkgcore warning. 2011-12-12 16:44:11 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 5b6e5d81cd so how about actually migrate to git-2 when saying it, fix that src_unpack, also fix EOL in layout.conf 2011-11-25 16:43:08 +01:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) bf9c890958 its profile-formats, not profile-format, also add cache-formats for future use
(Portage version: x86, unsigned Manifest commit)
2011-10-29 17:04:48 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 2463f65118 tweak layout.conf again
(Portage version: x86, unsigned Manifest commit)
2011-10-27 19:42:21 +02:00
Robert Förster (Dessa) 093ad198c2 bah, forgot stuff. 2011-10-26 19:12:25 +02:00