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Robert Förster 6eef49a313 sync with tree, also don't create useless dir, just set it correctly in initscript
Package-Manager: portage-
RepoMan-Options: --force
2013-05-11 04:53:38 +02:00
Robert Förster c78c641925 - some random cleanups for EAPI5 and licensing.
- bump teamspeak-server-bin
2013-04-30 18:33:24 +02:00
Robert Förster 957e47161c [app-emulation] drop as emul- has osmesa now and wine ebuilds got fixed (and i never really got into testing the fireburn overlay until now) 2012-11-03 18:58:30 +01:00
Robert Förster bf06f5c887 [app-emulation/wine] bump
(Portage version: x86, RepoMan options: --force, unsigned Manifest commit)
2012-09-15 20:20:53 +02:00
Robert Förster e8e70061a5 [app-emulation/wine] kill the osmesa hack for win32 which disables it on amd64. requires FireBurn overlay to work, therefore not keyworded, also osmesa use flag on mesa-32bit is required which is not checked here yet due to lazyness 2012-09-13 02:07:42 +02:00
Robert Förster 714c343cd8 [dev-lang/swig] rm, newer in tree 2012-08-21 10:33:06 +02:00
Robert Förster 31eabf0228 [dev-lang/swig] revbump from tree for py3k breakage in znc 2012-08-08 09:30:54 +02:00
Robert Förster 1bc6e89149 [games-server/ghost++] initial import, still not finished (and only compile tested) uses cmake as we have a dep on it anyway. 2012-08-08 09:29:25 +02:00
Robert Förster d5d51e1671 [dev-games/StormLib] initial import for ghost++, needs another bump, but im lazy now. 2012-08-08 09:25:07 +02:00
Robert Förster 1bf6074d74 [dev-games/bncsutil] initial import for ghost++, apply ghost++ changes unconditionally 2012-08-08 09:21:47 +02:00
Robert Förster 80997bf06f [dev-libs/libtomcrypt] resurrect from g-x86 attic, with rsa_verify_simple.c which was rejected upstream, for StormLib 2012-08-08 09:19:20 +02:00
Robert Förster 43c1aae913 [app-admin/ldapscripts] version bump from sunrise, EAPI=4 2012-08-08 09:17:16 +02:00
Robert Förster 5e855f1674 rm stuff which is in java-overlay.
gnu-classpath was a dep of ebean, but is not anymore, since it was a trivial bump, kill it as well.
2012-08-08 09:15:30 +02:00
Robert Förster e87c0b9b65 [media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin] version bump from tree, includes TSDNS support.
NB: TSDNS support in the ebuild might go away in the future in favor of SRV records as they do not require some additional services
2012-08-04 13:38:21 +02:00
Robert Förster e8f92098ab [games-server/craftbukkit] bump to last 1.2.5 release from java-overlay, add the dependencies introduced in R4 2012-08-04 13:36:00 +02:00
Robert Förster ce14ca0cf9 [games-server/bukkit] bump to last 1.2.5 release from java-overlay 2012-08-04 13:34:01 +02:00
Robert Förster 61332c832f [dev-java/jopt-simple] version bump from java-overlay 2012-08-04 13:31:43 +02:00
Robert Förster 2fd725508a [dev-java/jline] version bump from tree to 2 series of jline, slotting *might* be needed, need to check reverse deps, tests need to be checked as well 2012-08-04 13:31:01 +02:00
Robert Förster e1497b6551 [dev-java/jansi] version bump from tree, needed for jline bump 2012-08-04 13:28:45 +02:00
Robert Förster 3ac40bdcc3 [dev-java/jansi-native] initial commit for jansi version bump 2012-08-04 13:27:50 +02:00
Robert Förster a568b45dcc [dev-java/hawtjni-runtime] initial commit for jansi and jansi-native 2012-08-04 13:26:29 +02:00
Robert Förster 45d731263f [dev-java/gson] bump from java-overlay 2012-08-04 13:24:36 +02:00
Robert Förster 431694baf3 [dev-java/gnu-classpath] bump to new slot from tree, drop --disable-plugins since its default now 2012-08-04 13:24:03 +02:00
Robert Förster 4d0bf3b2fc [dev-java/ebean] version bump from java-overlay, backed out 2.7.7 due to craqsmoking dependencies 2012-08-04 13:21:25 +02:00
Robert Förster 0a1539b666 initial commit
eclass/java-utils-2.eclass is current g-x86 with gnu-classpath changed to 0.99
2012-08-04 13:18:22 +02:00