my private gentoo overlay
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Robert Förster 6d67fa26ef mask teamspeak-server-bin mysql 10 years ago
app-admin/ldapscripts [app-admin/ldapscripts] upstream changed domain name 10 years ago
dev-games [dev-games/StormLib] forgot static-libs in IUSE 10 years ago
dev-libs [dev-libs/libtomcrypt] kill rsa_verify_simple.c since it is part of stormlib now (as it should have been...) so this is what the intree ebuild was + multilib now 10 years ago
games-server/ghost++ [games-server/ghost++] looks like some stuff was lost in the last commit 10 years ago
media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin [media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin] bump 10 years ago
metadata initial commit 11 years ago
profiles mask teamspeak-server-bin mysql 10 years ago
.gitattributes fix line endings... again. 11 years ago